Maarsbergen, Netherlands

About me

Despite not having grown up in an artistic environment, I walked spontaneously into the Central Museum on a rainy day as a teenager. There I thought about a painting by Karel Appel, certainly not my favourite. An employee of the museum came to me and told me what the painting was supposed to represent. To my surprise, the painting came to life and the story behind it moved me. For me, this was the first introduction to ‘art’.‎

‎Meanwhile, my favourites are classic ‘masters’ paintings that radiate harmony and can enrapture you like a Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir and Joaquin Sorolla but I also love the colourful touch of Jan Sluijters.‎

After a reorganization of my job, this gave my life a different twist. As a result, I started doing various training courses and workshops. After obtaining my degree in Interior Styling, I started to follow my heart. It was therefore no surprise to me that I finally started to devote myself entirely to painting. My paintings are both small and large in size and I work exclusively with oil paint.‎

I enjoy the moments that touch me, the birds in my garden, a nicely laid table or just some nice pots and try to capture this in my paintings. A journey of discovery and experience of what is possible. With a lot of passion and curiosity I look forward to what the future will bring me in this. ‎
‎So much inspiration with new challenges. Complex texture, colours and materials, distance yourself from the lessons received and choose the path of freedom.‎

Janny van den Broek (1961)